We prepare professional women in your community for the future of work

Talent Partner Program

If you are part of a university, an educational institution, or a community of women this program is for you.

What can we do for you?

We provide access to your community of students, graduates or professionals to a free upskilling program that includes training and certification in the most in-demand skills in the labor market in collaboration with industry leaders.

We provide access to your community of students, graduates or professionals to a platform with opportunities for paid internships or professional employment online with companies around the world.

Benefits for your institution and you community

Get positioned as an institution that supports the labor market inclusion of women in the digital world.

Bring unique tools and benefits to your community of professionals to prepare them for the future of work and connect them to job opportunities today.

Open the doors to the next step in the employment value chain for your community of professionals.

Your contribution

Your support includes:

  • Communication of the program to your databases and promotional activities
  • Monitoring the enrollment of women in the program
  • The program does not have a cost for you

Your positioning

Your positioning

  • Your logo on the project website
  • Co-branded outreach materials for your community
  • Logo in the final report shared nationally and internationally
  • Tracking the journey of professional women who participate in the program to generate success stories

How does it work?

We sign a partnership agreement

We send you a communication kit with materials to share with your community

You start sharing the program with your network

Women in your community sign up and access the benefits of the program

We share with you the progress of your community of professionals!

Requirements to participate

Universities, all types of educational institutions, professional women’s communities, and any institution or group that has access to professional women who are the target of the program can become partners.

Women with university or tertiary education in progress or completed.

Minimum of 2 years of direct work experience in the area of ​​interest.

Management of digital skills and Internet access.

Areas of Knowledge

Administration and Accounting Design and UX
Executive and Administrative Assistance Customer Support
Communication and Marketing Translation
Development and Programming Data Science and Machine Learning

* Professional women can only join the program if they are part of a community of a partner institution.
** Women who train, certify and obtain a job will be required a percentage contribution of their salary to contribute to the financing of the next generation of students.

Why become our partner?

We bridge the gap between talent and opportunities through online education in skills for the digital economy and online employment to contribute to close the gender gap

We design our courses with experts in the field and incorporate certifications in innovative tools.

We know which skills are most required by companies because of our expertise as a talent marketplace in the cloud that takes advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence and data science.

Join the initiative to revolutionize women’s access to education and digital employment!

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